Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quality for YOU!

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Welcome to the Only Quality Indie website! Here you can expect to find the works of authors who identify as "Indie" and whose writing has been evaluated and determined to be technically and fundamentally sound. The plots and themes are coherent, the characters are well developed, and the messages are geared toward a more sophisticated reader. Here is how to navigate the site:

FEATURED Author - Click this tab to meet the latest quality Indie author. Along with an interview, you will have an opportunity to meet them and learn more about what it takes to be an Indie author who is respected in their peer group.

ABOUT Only Quality Indie - By selecting this tab, you will find out more about how this site began, and why there was a need for it at all.

CONTACT US - Hmm. Any questions? If so, follow this tab, or fill out the form to the right --->

ALL Quality Authors -This page is an accumulation of all of the interviews of all of the featured authors who have been promoted on this site.

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